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"Tuque peregrinis Acipenser nobilis undis..."
Ovidio - Halieuticón

Milan, A.D. 1491. The golden era of this Italian city is culturally and artistically booming; Leonardo da Vinci serves at Ludovico Sforza's royal court, who is about to marry the young princess Beatrice d'Este. A legend tells us that the "Genius", during his way towards Pavia to project the Cathedral, saw a magnificent sturgeon swimming in  the Ticino river while he  was walking onshore. So, suddenly, he had an idea: give to Beatrice the precious caviar roes, small as pearls, but so delicately tasting and rare.
Leonardo da Vinci is said to have kept and donated this unusual delicacy in a wonderful gem-set chest during the wedding breakfast of Ludovico Sforza and his beautiful Beatrice. Rumours spread in court circles that that treasure chest was filled with marvellous pearls, but nobody ever saw them put out!
Today, Italian Caviar S.r.l., has taken back the famous Ticino caviar sturgeon in all its ancient splendour to  be enjoyed the world over.

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