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Ticino's Wildlife Park, an enchanting universe.
Flora and Fauna luxuriate in abundance within the protected and unpolluted nature of Ticino's Wildlife Park. Like a giant green lung, this Wildlife Park extends onto the river road and passes through the two regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and breathes  into this populated and industrialized land. But within this happy oasis lies deeply and exclusively immersed the main character of this wild nature: "water".

The sturgeons are back in Cassolnovo...
Russian sturgeons!

Properly situated in Ticino's Wildlife Park. At Cassolnovo (PV), many years ago was created from Mandelli's group an important fishfarm. Here, since 1998 Storione Ticino became a promoter of a brave business venture that will be considerated an extraordinary success: the breeding of the prestigious Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, better known as "Russian Sturgeon". In southern Russia's Caspian Sea it is one of the most common sturgeon and can weigh over 100 kilos (220 pounds) and measure 2 meters in length (6.5 feet). It's famous for producing the Oscietra caviar, one of the best and most delicious caviar in the world.

The exclusivity of Ticino's caviar, with the purity of Oscietra quality.
Today Storione Ticino's fishfarm boasts more than 10 hectares of pure waters, immersed in a most natural environment. Here the noble fish grow up in the abundant spring waters, swimming free like in wild. Differently from their natural habitat, these sturgeons are protected and not endangered by pollution or by poachers.

Italian Caviar S.r.l.
Italian Caviar S.r.l., a company part of the Agroittica Lombarda Group, wich is the world leader in sturgeon breeding and by far the largest farmed caviar producer owns the exclusivity to market  all caviar extracted from Russian sturgeons. Processing and packing of the precious caviar happens at Calvisano's absolutely avant-garde facilities. This ensures a top-quality product, fully respecting all hygiene conditions.

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